GREENHOUSE is an album recording and placemaking collaboration that aims to inspire growth and healing. With their transparent frames letting light and nutrients in, greenhouses create an atmosphere for plants to bloom. I believe that people, in the same manner, can create an atmosphere within themselves and others where our flowers can thrive (our gifts, talents, and purpose). Ever since releasing my single “Roses,” I’ve wanted to make a full album around this theme of blossoming for ourselves and others.


Partnering with world-renowned musicians Marquis Hill and Terry Hunter, I plan to produce an album of lush soundscapes reminiscent of beautiful, flourishing gardens. Additionally, by working with community members, we will organize performances of the songs in vacant lots around the city, transforming them into places of abundance and possibility. I am excited to share this as my most vulnerable and tender work to date, and invite people to make the songs their own as they explore their own healing journey.


  • No upcoming events scheduled yet. Stay tuned!